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Chanakya Vyas is a playwright, screenwriter, director and educator.
His plays for theatre include Tales of Kutty, Prelude, Mission Muthanallur, Algorithms and Age of Offence; adaptations include Jhund(Herd) based on Slawomir Mrozek's Striptease, Hamlets Live based on soliloquies of Hamlet.
In media, his recent work includes Once there was a Lake (an interactive game and audio series) and Phantom Head, a short student film project realized at the Prague Film School. 
His awards include the first runner-up at the Sultan Padamsee Playwriting Award and the Charles Wallace India Trust Award to study theatre in the UK. He has received grants from India Foundation for the Arts and Science Gallery Bengaluru to create works at the intersection of performance, technology and interactivity.

Awards, Grants & Scholarships

  • Received a grant from India Foundation for the Arts under Project 560 to develop an interactive game performance. 

  • Ratan Tata Fellowship to attend Lincoln Centre Directors Lab, Aug 2019

  • Received a scholarship to attend the Summer Institute at the Columbia Centre  for Oral History Research, Columbia University, 2017

  • Selected for the Naya/Nove` Festival of Indian Plays in Czech Translation

  • Charles Wallace India Trust Award- Long Term Award, 2014

  • Scholarship from London International School of Performing Arts, 2014

  • First Runner-up Award by Sultan Padamsee Playwriting Awards, 2011


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